The Power of a Mercury Nomination

Napster has revealed the value of a prestigious Mercury Music Prize nomination, as it announced a 4,325% rise in streaming figures for Polar Bear’s ‘In Each and Every One’ album  following the news of its inclusion on the nominees’ shortlist. The music streaming service compared the number of plays from the days prior to the shortlist announcement with figures […]

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Awesome Alternative Film Posters

Tracie Chang is a designer from Washington who is to awesome alternative film poster what Captain Birdseye is to fish fingers. In this mini collection, which we desperately want to be decorating our hallway at home, we get both classics like The Shining and more recent productions such as The Great Gatsby. Rather good, aren’t they? Check out more […]

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Illos That Tell The Story Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

It from Colombia-based artist Lorena Alvarez Gómez  and it’s brilliantly, dreamily wonderful. We love it. And consequently, her.Her illustrations are full of colour and character and so are the characters within them: there’s so much flavour and zip they’re just wonderful.  We love them. and consequently, her. They will be included in an unabridged version of the book, which […]

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Famous Movie & TV Characters With Over-Sized Heads

We do admire an artists that takes and geek-like interest in TV and film and then puts their own artistic spin on it: even if it means giving them a large, cute head, and nothing more. Brazilian illustrator Josmar Madureira is no stranger to good telly and has done just that. He transforms famous anti-heroes and villains by depicting […]

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Today we are in love with the creative mind of French illustrator and art director Troqman who has delved into his creative canyon and come up with these illustrations that “photobomb” situations in real life. He’s based in Amsterdam and he makes sketches and arranges them to create interesting scenes which engage and interact with the real world around them. It’s […]



Formats: 3DS It’s been difficult since the World Cup ended. There are other sports, but let’s face it, nothing compares to the thrill of some fleet footed smuggery from Neymar or a bit of light cannibalism from Suarez. Luckily, Nintendo feel the same, and have given you the chance to take your own team to […]

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Custom World Cup Posters for Every Competing National Team

Now this is a nice surprise on a Friday morning: some World Cup art done with aplomb and affection. Lovely. Via Sports Illustrated Brazilian artist and graphic designer Cristiano Siqueira has begun to unleash bevy of custom country-specific posters on Tumblr for the upcoming Greatest SPorting Occasion in the World showing game-turning players and crests […]

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Why So Sad Batman?

His nomination for the role has been bathed in controversy and now the very first picture of Ben Affleck is getting the kind of attention Zack snyder wasn’t probably expecting. Okay, so the nerdists among us get to discuss the next incarnations of the suit and the Batmobile. But the burning question from the picture […]


Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Artshow Spectacular

Ghostbusters had everything, didn’t it? Fireman’s poles, cool logos, cool cars, unlicensed nuclear accelerators, solid-gold Murrayness, solid gold Akroydness, supernatural para-psychology, Ray Parker Jnr, the list goes on and on. In fact, it remains one of our favourite movies ever made – even when it’s on the telly schedule, you watch it, right? – and […]


Perfectly Detailed LEGO Models of Retro Gadgets

Hat’s off to the latest work of talented brick builder Chris McVeigh who has painstakingly pieced together these designs for LEGO Retro Gadgets. You can get full guides on his website or buy ready-made versions from McVeigh’s store. The work of a true vidoegame and LEGO fan. Awesome.


Alternative Godzilla Posters

There’s nothing we like more than an alternative poster set here at Stash and this time we have to thank Thomas Walker, Tom Muller, Andy Hau, Peter Stults, Chris Malbon, Tim Weakland and Kasey Gifford for the above and below. Fantastic, aren’t they? If Godzilla were trampling down another city in his usual monstrous rage […]


National Geographic Animal Selfies

Starring a panda, koala, gorilla, bear and kangaroo, the ads show the animals behaving just like modern humans, holding up smartphones and taking sneaky selfies in the bathroom and in the bedroom. There are a lot of terrible animal pictures out there… but National Geographic have the best. That’s the message and we like it. […]


Mystery Chalkboard Masterpieces

Yep, forget sneaking into classrooms and solving complicated equations, at the Columbus College of Art two senior ad and graphic design students have been decorating the place with some really wonderful words of advice. We’ve got some advice from Mark Twain, some imagery of J M Barrie to intricately deisgned and detailed book covers. What […]


Mega-Detailed Headphone Ads

There’s an ad agaency in Miami that contains a few clever people. How do we know this fleeting information and why are we telling you? Because Y&R/Bravo has come up with these awesomely detailed ads that show how famous musicians colour our worlds. The artistry inside the phones is made possible by the artist in […]

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Dictators and their Only Friends

At least they in the mind of the exceptionally skilled Chunlong Sun. He’s an artist based on Beijing who clverly manipulates images suing photoshop, and he’s rather good at it.Check out more of Chunlong’s choice work on this Behance site.

56th Eurovision Song Contest - Germany

20 things to Keep in Mind for Eurovision

1. Despite what you might think, Eurovision is definitely cool. We’re staying in to watch it. With a cup of tea. No going out or boozing or socialising or having fun for us. Nope. 2. Sigh… 3. You’ll also get a good insight in to how much everyone in Europe (deservedly) hates the UK. 4. […]


Football is Art: Famous Players as Musical Stars

The greatest players in the game didn’t just yearn for a bulging trophy cabinet and loads of followers on their Twitter account, they wanted make the game look beautiful: to play with an artistry and flair that transcended the game and made the people happy. Anyway, heroic New York graphic artist James Taylor has taken […]

by Randy Ortiz

Mondo Creepshow at the Texas Frightmare Weekend

Texas Frightmare Weekend is almost upon us and it includes lots of excellent opportunities to buy good stuff from some of Stash’s favourite artists and limited edition Mondo posters. Course, if you don’t live in America, you’re kinda stuffed. Well, ish. The posters will only be available in pretty miniscule quantities, the biggest run being […]