7 1962 Alternative World Cup Poster

Reimagining EVERY Official World Cup Poster Ever

Every World Cup poster from Uruguay in 1930 to Brazil in 2014 redesigned by an extra-special American graphic artist, by Stuart Messham It’s official, we have a new hero: New York-based scribbler by the name of James Taylor. Why? Because the World Cup is officially our favourite thing on the planet and James has taken […]


Next Goal Wins: Everything You Need To Know

What is Next Goal Wins about? Next Goal Wins is a feature-length documentary film which charts the progress of the American Samoa national football team. It might seem an odd choice when there are much more illustrious teams to choose from, such as Spain, Germany or Brazil, but the filmmakers wanted to focus more on […]


Honest Infographics That’ll Make You Snigger

Thanks to Kind of Normal for instigating some “inside chuckles” with these Truth Facts that’ll have you sniggering inside your own head. Infographics are rather uncanny at mocking themselves and the rather silly world we occupy, and these ones do as good a job as any.


Vintage Pin-Up Girl Graffiti

Rock ‘n’ roll graffiti that some hipster somewhere near you is consider having done as sleeve art Copenhagen-based artist Tine Helleshøj’ uses oil paint, gouache, spray paint and black-and-white stencilling to make evocative, sensual slabs of what we’re calling “vintage pin-up graffiti”. On her website Tine says she “weaves her characters’ stories spontaneously, eschewing obvious […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 07.59.17

Iconic Pop Culture Characters Transformed Into Flesh-Eating Zombies

Uber-talented American artist Albert F. Montoya is a little pre-occupied with zombies. In his latest collection of illustrations he imagines iconic pop culture figures – like Yoda, Beetlejuice, Beavis & Butthead and Bart Simpson – as part of the rotting, evil undead. Their flesh peels, their brains numb and they are quite the antithesis of […]

Ali Dia Southampton Graeme Souness

Top 11 Worst Signings in Premier League History

They paid top dollar, they got small change. By Stuart Messham Ali Dia Southampton (trialist) The Senegalese “sensation” once played for Southampton after dishonestly claiming he was the cousin of celebrated Liberian forward, George Weah. Graeme Souness – with no time to check a CV decorated with only eight senior appearances at various small-time clubs […]

Kevin Keegan-1736387

Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Premier League History

Acts of madness, glory, inspiration, sportsmanship and sheer embarrassment. By Stuart Messham 1 Cantona kung-fu kick Crystal Palace v Manchester Untied, 1994/95 Eric Cantona’s unique talent was matched only by his unpredictable temperament. During the 1994/95 season, the latter culminated in a foot-first lunge at Crystal Palace fan, Matthew Simmons followed by a series of […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.56.08

Metalheadz v Cats

MORE WEST COAST CRAZINESS this Monday with the California-based snappings of Alexandra Crockett who’ll imminently be releasing a book entitled Metal Cats – a visual tome paying homage to the bond between scary metalheads and their fluffy pussycats. Yes, you read that correctly. These pictures present them fiery, f8cked-up metal types not getting felines stoned […]


The Raid 2: Berandal – Everything you Need To Know

What’s The Raid 2 about? You may not have heard of The Raid 2 (or its predecessor, unsurprisingly known as The Raid). This action film hails from Indonesia and has been called “one of the greatest action movies ever made.” Hyperbole indeed, but if you are bored of watching Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham compare […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 09.33.41

Charity Shop Paintings Given Star Wars Twist

Star Wars bonkers Artist Dave Vancook likes having a good sniff round a charity shop as part of an unusual hobby. He likes to add Star Wars characters and vehicles to them to imbue them with an intergalactic twist. We rather like them. You can see more of his upgraded artworks paintings on Facebook.


Game of Thrones Death Posters

Know anything about Game of Thrones and you’ll know death has a rather important role in the machinations of the Seven Kingdoms… Anyone who’s even mildly into it knows the programme’s affinity, nay obsession for: gore, sex, death, depravity, violence, rape, death, misogyny, blood, profanities and MORE DEATH. At any time a character can be […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 08.08.33

The Myriad Adventures of Star Wars Figurines

It’s not all wayward blasting, banging your head and taking orders from Vader y’know. It just mostly is, okay… Bonkers Malyasian snapper Zahir Batin has created this cool set of pictures documenting the myriad adventures of his Star Wars figurines. He does it all up using wire and twigs and strings and other useful, non-technological […]


An A-Z of the Brazilian National Football Team

A is for… Alberto. Carlos Alberto was named in the FIFA 100 list of the 125 greatest living footballers (the “100″ refers to 100 years of FIFA). The list, selected by Pelé, included this man because of his ability as a playmaking defender. He captained the Brazilian team that won the 1970 World Cup and […]


RIP The Ultimate Warrior

WWF was He-Man brought to life, and it was bloody brilliant because of it. Now one of its main stars, The Ultimate Warrior, has fallen from life’s top turnbuckle and is not getting up. And we’re all a little bit gutted… Ultimate Warrior (formerly known as Jim Hellwig, before he actually changed his name to […]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Everything You Need to Know

Who does Spidey get to fight in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? How awesome does the film look? The tagline for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reads “His greatest battle begins” and if you watch the latest trailer for the new Spidey movie then you can see why the studio picked those specific words. It’s not just […]


Mad Geometric Vector Illustrations of Animals

We stumbled across these cool-as geometric vector illustrations of animals by Montreal-based designer Hope Little that we just had to share. “I wanted to steer away from my usual melty, disproportional illustrations and try for something clean and balanced,” she says. “I started experimenting with shapes, settling on a triangle to keep things clean and […]


Noah: Everything You Need to Know

Russell Crowe in Noah, so can we expect Gladiator at sea? It would be fair to say that most of us, if asked to picture the Biblical character of Noah in our heads, would come up with an old man who suspiciously looked like Santa Claus but in dustier sand-coloured robes. In all fairness, according […]

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower by Harlan Elam

King for a Day: Stephen King Art Show

Myriad of our favourite artists have combined to produce this rather awesome collection based on the Stephen King multiverse. Check the Geek-Art selection below, and go to the Hero Complex Gallery website for the whole art show


Iconid Pop Culture Vehicles Transformed into Autobots

Darren Rawlings, an artist hailing from Canada, has transformed some famously iconic vehicles from pop culture into autobots from the Transformers franchise, including Herbie, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, the Dukes of Hazzard‘s Gran Torino and Marty McFly ‘s Delorean is even clutching his very own hoverboard. What’s more, in tribute to the late Harold Ramis, […]


Rare Star Wars Posters You Won’t Have Seen Before

ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE WEBSITES, So Bad So Good, has compiled this wonderfully eclectic collection of never-seen-before Star Wars movie posters, made by different graphic designers and artist geniuses from around the Earth. And a few from Alderaan. The artists were employed to create posters in their native language to promote the movie in their […]