A Simple Guide to ERP

Information technology has revolutionized the way that we live and do business. ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most popular business software systems. It’s used in many industries and organizations. We’ll be briefing you on the most important concepts and basics of ERP.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP refers to both ERP software as well as business strategies for implementing ERP systems. ERP implementation uses various ERP software applications to enhance the performance of organizations for resource planning, management control, and operational control.

ERP software is made up of many software modules. These software modules integrate activities from different functional departments, such as product planning, parts buying, inventory control, product distribution, and product control. ERP software systems often include modules that support common business activities, such as finance, accounting, and human resources.

ERP Systems

 ERP Systems are more than just a piece or software. ERP Systems include ERP Software, Business Processes, Users, and Hardware that runs the ERP software. An ERP system can be more than its individual components. These components work together to achieve a common goal: streamlining and improving the business processes of organizations.