All About Bed Bug Inspection

There is a wealth of information on the best ways to detect and monitor bed bugs – in and between a combination of DIY solutions, advice from friends, myths, and urban legends, solutions are hard to find.

Entomologists, pest control experts, and homeowners all agree that bed bugs are unique and cannot be controlled with typical pest control measures. These parasitic insects are minuscule and fit in a gap as thin as a credit card – skip these two expert hideouts and you have a new attack on your hands. You can also hire bed bugs inspection services via

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Bed bug detection challenge

The most important – and ironically – the most difficult step in getting rid of bed bugs is detection. It is important to correctly identify blood-feeding pests, but large bed bugs are usually only a few millimeters long and wide. Other stages of the bed bug's life cycle (eggs and nymphs) are microscopic and practically invisible to the naked eye.

The insect eggs hatch and the nymphs mature with each blood meal and develop into full-fledged adults over months. These adults continue to reproduce and form new colonies; Undetected and untreated, the invasion spreads rapidly, making sleep a recurring nightmare for those who share their beds.

The cost of a bed bug screening may vary depending on the circumstances of your particular situation, so we recommend that you contact us to schedule an appointment with a trained bed bug specialist before moving on to the next decision.