Black Truffle Sea Salt Recipes

What exactly is Black Truffle salt made of? Truffle Salt History Invented by the ancient Phoenicians, truffles are flat pasted balls of cocoa powder and refined sugar that are heated to hundreds of degrees above the boiling point of the chocolate. Incorporated with cocoa butter and flavored with sugar, truffles quickly became popular as a treatment for high society parties. Since truffles are traditionally used for chocolate fondue, they were commonly enjoyed at Easter as well.

Today, the rich chocolate flavor of black truffle salt is still enjoyed throughout the world. Because black truffle salt is cheaper than chocolate itself and because it's mixed with other ingredients to infusion it with other earthy flavors, it's become a much more versatile treat for lovers of chocolate. For example, black truffle salt is often used in cocktails to achieve a richer, fuller flavor. It can also be sprinkled on baked desserts or used as a coating for grilled fish, turkey, or chicken.

But black truffle sea salt isn't just for desserts or cocktails. For centuries, it was used to season meat, especially game. Because the flavor is so earthy, it's great on fish, chicken, turkey, and pork. It even pairs quite nicely with cheeses and fruits. For example, black truffle made with truffles, blue cheese, walnuts, and dates makes a great sandwich topping. Or enjoy a black truffle soup or grilled salmon with a hint of sage sauce.

Many gourmet cooking blogs and magazines are praising the versatility of this salt. Gourmet recipes are being created using it as well, including shrimp gumbo, pork stew with sage, and even chocolate-covered espresso coffee. A recipe for black truffle soup created by Gourmet using truffles and sea salt calls for vegetable sticks, carrots, celery, radishes, beets, parsley, and lemon. It makes a delicious gourmet salad dressing that can be served at room temperature chilled or reheated for extra zest.

Gourmet also suggests pairing black truffle salt and olive moral for a delicious dessert. To make the truffle-topped olive Morada, combine olive Morada with smoked Rosemary leaves, lemon rind, prune, mint leaves, and crystallized ginger. To prepare, mix three teaspoons olive Morada with one tablespoon each of black truffle salt and black truffle powder. Mix until completely blended.

If you're looking for a delectable truffle, then you need to try Amores Estarica Amore & Concha Truffle. This exquisite combination of exotic black and Italian black truffles is made with real black truffles and it comes in a box of seven. The caviar is made from sheep's milk and the concha is a spicy and tasty pastry shell. The flavor combination is actually blended to perfection. You're going to be in love when you bite into one of these all-natural sea salt balls and the wonderful flavor will overwhelm you.

There are a lot of great recipes out there for Mediterranean-inspired meals such as pizza, lasagna, seafood, prime rib, and even grilled chicken. However, there are few that are as delightful as more enterica amore & concha truffles. These truffles are going to have your taste buds begging for more when you use black truffle salt to make them. Even if you normally avoid fancy desserts like truffles because they usually end up in a dust bowl, you'll find that this delicious recipe is going to change all that.

It's important that you always keep an open mind when it comes to food. You may not think that using earthy flavors is going to be a good idea, but you may be surprised at how well it works. Most people are familiar with the earthy flavor of cheese, wine, peanuts, olives, and other such flavors. By cooking with sea salt instead of traditional white table salt, you can take that delicious flavor and use it in a whole new way. Your family and friends will be asking for more of what you've been serving them because of all the wonderful flavors that they are experiencing.