Choose Q-Tips And Have Sustainable Living

There are many niche products that can be used to make sustainable living easier. We love Q-tips and cotton swabs, which are one of our favorite topics! Q-tips can be made from single-use virgin or recycled paper and have a standard cotton tip.

They are usually used for only a few seconds before being thrown in the trash. They are small and light and can often end up in the oceans and waterways, where they can cause serious damage to ecosystems and animals. We'll be sharing our top picks for environment-friendly Q tips alternatives!

LastSwab Classic Reusable Swab:

This reusable swab replaces conventional cotton swabs and is our favorite! It's reusable, durable, and sanitary. Lab tests have shown it can last over 1,000 uses. It is packaged in a biodegradable, corn-based PLA case. The case is made of durable and sanitary materials and can be washed and sanitized after every use.

LastSwab Beauty Reusable Swabs:

The Beauty Swab has a pointed tip rather than a round tip. This makes it ideal for cleaning makeup or getting into the corners of the eyes. You can also use it with makeup remover. We recommend that you do not use it in your ears due to the sharp tip. However, it can be used for many other purposes!

Biodegradable Cotton Swabs:

These cotton swabs can be used once and are made of biodegradable, compostable materials. They don't harm the environment. They are 100% made from sustainably harvested bamboo and have an eco-friendly cotton tip. You can also get it in recyclable packaging and recycled content. These cotton swabs are perfect for industrial or home composting and make single-use much more sustainable.