Everything You Want To Know About Quickbooks!

Quickbooks is a powerful accounting software specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses and was developed in 1983 by the well-known company Intuit. It includes a variety of products, on-premises applications, and cloud versions that you can use to manage and pay bills, receive payments, and perform multiple payroll functions.

Quickbooks inventory management software is currently used in the Canadian, UK, and Australian markets. Different versions support unique tax calculation needs for each region and can be installed on Windows and Linux computers.

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The basic system specifications required to run Quickbooks include 1 GB of hard drive space, 512 MB RAM (multiple users) / 256 MB RAM (single user), and a 1.8 GHz processor. These specifications may vary depending on the version of Quickbooks installed.

You also need a high-speed internet connection and version IE 6.0 or higher. Intuit, a popular financial and enterprise software company, has put several features in Quickbooks to make all your accounting tasks smoother.

Quickbooks is the leading accounting software with millions of small and medium business users. Here are the reasons why you should use it:

1. You can perform most accounting tasks easily and without having to deal with paperwork, which ultimately makes it easier for you to manage your business.

2. Generating reports with Quickbooks is easy

3. Receiving this software won't hurt your pocket

4. It helps you save typing time and errors by allowing you to exchange data between Quickbooks and other business applications