Granite And Marble Products

Natural stone can be used in many other ways than granite countertops and marble vanities. Granite's strength and durability allow it to be used in ways concrete, plastic, and wood cannot.

Granite and marble have been used for centuries to create household goods, furniture, art, and other items. These natural stone products can last a lifetime. Granite, marble, travertine, and onyx all have natural properties that make them resistant to daily wear and tear while gracefully aging. Granite and marble benchtops in Sydney are very popular nowadays because they provide a beautiful finish to your kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Benchtop Idea

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Stone can be made in many different finishes, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your needs or achieve the desired look. Stone can be polished to a smooth finish or honed with an eggshell shine to improve slip resistance.

Marble staircases, marble moldings, and granite countertops are all common architectural elements made of solid stone. Travertine tiles can also be used. Marble staircases can be found in historic and government buildings. 

They look elegant when paired with metal and wood railings. Marble window sills and marble columns are other architectural elements that add character. Granite countertops and natural stone wall tiles in subtle-patterned marbles, travertine, and limestone are two of the most popular interior finishes.