Hardscape Specialists in Surrey BC

Bringing your outdoor landscape to life is an interesting DIY project. From watering to lighting and patios to flowering shrubs, there are a number of different ways to care for your lawn. Most homeowners or business owners are primarily interested in landscaping and hardscaping solutions, but there is a whole new world of exterior decorating when you start learning the landscaping aspect.

While landscaping is more about lawn aesthetics, hard spaces are about comfort and the ability to create new outdoor living spaces. let me explain. The backyard is where homeowners can really play with their designs. Things like fireplaces, brick and stone wall construction, drywall, and wood siding are popular additions to backyards.

Most homeowners start with a basic deck to build on. The patio can then be redesigned and additions such as the aforementioned fire pit or outdoor kitchen and fireplace can be installed. Not only does this create a friendly invitation for guests, but it also adds to the overall value of your property.

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Stamped concrete is a popular investment for property owners interested in landscaping services. Stamped concrete gives users flexibility in designing pathways, aisles, and more. Instead of laying brick by brick, stamped concrete structures provide the feel and look of individually placed brick without the daunting installation and opportunity for unbalanced pathways.

They are also less prone to cracking and will not "jump" out of place as the design ages. An easy way to clean stamped concrete is by pressure washing. The area around a pool is always a go-to for hardscape design. Not only can the area surrounding the pool be garnished with stamped concrete and a patio wing with a fireplace, but the walls surrounding the pool can be elegantly installed.