How to Find the Best Dog Boarding Facilities in Chapel Hill

The easiest way to find the dog boarding facility that's right for you and your dog is by word of mouth. Asking other dog owners about their experiences in finding a kennel is a good start. If your dog-owning friends don't have any ideas, ask your veterinarian or dog groomer.

Once you've got a list, it's crucial that you visit the facility or kennel. You wouldn't buy a facility without visiting it, and you shouldn't entrust your dog to a facility or kennel you haven't checked out yourself. 

As you walk around the facility pay attention to dog boarding facilities in Chapel Hill  for your pet. Is it spacious, or are the dogs packed in like sardines? Note the temperature in the area the dogs are kept, if it's noticeably hot or cold, you may want to keep looking.

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Be sure to talk to the staff at the dog boarding facility. Make sure they're certified and properly trained. Don't be afraid to interrogate them, this is the pooch you're well-being concerned about. 

How many times a day do the dogs get let out for exercise? Ideally, they should have at least an hour or two outside. Once you've found the dog kennel that's right for you, make arrangements with the staff over your dog's specific care instructions. 

Part of ensuring that your dog enjoys his stay at a dog boarding facility is avoiding any dramatic changes to his daily routine. With that in mind, you should make sure the kennel staff can give your dog the same food he gets at home.