Learn About Paraquat And Its Dangers

Paraquat, a non-selective herbicide, is widely used in commercial agriculture. Paraquat usage has increased by more than 200% in the United States over the past ten year, despite being banned in many countries around the globe. 

Many victims are turning to Paraquat lawyers to find out their legal options due to the connection between Paraquat use and Parkinson's Disease. Paraquat lawyers help victims across the country to get claims against this herbicide. To get more information on Paraquat Parkinson’s dangers, visit this site.

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The basic function of herbicides is to kill weeds. Paraquat, a non-selective herbicide, kills all plants, weeds, and grass species it is applied to. Selective herbicides are designed to kill non-desirable grasses and weeds. They leave behind the crop or plant that you wish to cultivate.

Paraquat is used on farms to kill all grass and plant growth, usually between the planting of desired crops. Paraquat is applied to the harvest, effectively obliterating all aboveground vegetation. Consider napalm. This practice reduces the time-consuming and costly task of tilling. Paraquat is fatal to humans and other non-human species.

Paraquat accidental ingestion has been responsible for many deaths. The EPA issued a Mitigation Decision 2017 in response to increasing deaths. It mandated who could mix and apply the herbicide, and required training. It's too little too late. Paraquat labeling and EPA training are not the most dangerous places to be.

Many Paraquat lawyers explain the dangers of this herbicide. Paraquat use has been linked with early-onset Parkinson's disease. Studies have shown Paraquat causes mid-brain changes, which are characteristic of Parkinson's disease. To induce these changes, some people who study Parkinson's use Paraquat in their laboratory.