Learn About The Rise of Marvel Comic Movies

You remember back in the day when you had to be on your best behavior to rush your mom to the comic shop to pick up the latest Marvel trading card packs. Marvel comics are a classic. For a brief time, marvel trading cards became a popular thing. Marvel trading cards were a quick and easy way to get familiar with new characters you hadn't seen before. 

Marvel artists like Jim Lee have always managed to capture our attention with their creative eye-catching graphics. It's all about the marvel comics movies. In 1944, Marvel comics made their first appearance on the big screen as Captain America. You can ‘buy comic, marvel, superheroes comic books at Stripweb’ (also known as ‘comic, marvel, superhelden stripboeken kopen bij Stripweb’ in Dutch language).

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In 1994, the first Fantastic Four Movie was made. Everyone wanted to know when these cool marvel characters would be making their way into live action movies with better special effects. This was the moment when marvel comics started making movies under their own banner. Blade, a superhero who probably wasn't in everyone's top ten list, hit theaters in 1998.

The movie did well. Two years later, everyone's favorite, X-men is dead at the box office. We were now on a roll. In 2002, the Amazing Spiderman movie attracted fans from all over. This movie's greatest feature was the fact that webs shot from his hands, unlike other stories where Peter Parker only has the knowledge to create web formulas.