Overview About Security Audit

The word “audit” can send a negative message within few seconds because an audit means the identification of flaws, a very disturbing word. So what is a security audit? A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the¬†security of a company’s information system by measuring how well it conforms to an established set of criteria.¬† If you need the best security auditor then you can also go for an online aompany like Applicature.

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Enterprise management often confuses “penetration test” with “computer security audits”. They are probably making the biggest mistake of them because pen-test or penetration testing is just a type of testing technique that is used to identify vulnerabilities in the system.

However, penetration testing is often conducted from outside the firewall with minimal inside information in order to replicate how real hackers will gain access to the system.

However, a computer security audit is a systematic, manageable and technical assessment of the whole system, where the overall security policy is assessed for vulnerabilities. Computer security auditors work with the full knowledge of the organization, at times gain full access to confidential information, to understand the resources which are considered for auditing.

Unlike VAPT testing, complete security audits take place as part of the regular business activities to maintain effective security policies. The management should understand that auditing is not a conference room activity; it is a set of various complicated processes to get the answers to following important questions:

  • Are passwords safe enough?
  • Are Process Control List (ACLs) are working accurately, and who has access to shared data?
  • Are there audit logs are recorded, and reviewed?
  • Are the security settings for a different operating system is according to the implemented security practices?
  • Is in-use operating systems and commercial applications are up to the mark?
  • How the media backup is stored? Who can access the confidential data? Are their passwords are strong and changed on a regular basis?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan? Is or company prepared to face any data breach?

These are just a few questions which are answered after an audit; however, if these questions are taken seriously and answered honestly, there are possibilities to remove even a single vulnerability from the system. Moreover, there are security audits that need to be conducted after a specific interval to ensure that the system stays positively strong.