Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas

Water scrubbers packed in the form of a high tower. It is intended to lengthen the contact between water and thegases, so greater reduction of acid gas within the water occurs. The working principle of hydrogen sulfide scrubber is that the biogas from the reactor is flowed into the purification column whose stream is the opposite of the flow of water.

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The water that has interacted with the acid gas flowed down the column with continuous circulation until the water changes. In this stage the water is saturated and the water needs to be regenerated in order to avoid problems in the operation of the gas purification .

Several water scrubber methods have been carried by Lien, et al. [4] in this kinds of research which is to design a water desulfurization scrubber equipment to reduce hydrogen sulfide from biogas. Biogas pressure which flows through the aeration plate will generate many small biogas bubbles. The bubbles will interact with water, leading to adsorption desulfurization.

Various water level and flow rate of biogas is tested to detect the content of hydrogen sulfide in the biogas after passing through a water scrubber. Data collecting method is by using variations of water levels : 50 cm, 60 cm and 70 cm high; water flow rates of 50 L min-1, 100 L min-1 and 140 L min-1, and time of 30 sec and 90 sec. From results obtained we find that the best reduction of H2S gas