Reasons Why Do You Need A 3D Configurator?

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A 3D configurator is an interactive design tool that allows users to customize their own unique products based on available configuration options like color, print, text, images, and textures and that supports dynamic pricing.

What is a 3D Configurator?

3D configurators are also known as product customizers or product editors. A better way to understand the 3D Configurator application is to understand its purpose. A 3D configurator is not a stand-alone design application.


We consider product configurators to be at the crossroad of sales software, customization software, visualization software, and collaboration software.

Sales Software

A 3D configurator software is first and foremost considered sales software. The goal of customization software is to generate more leads, increase conversions and grow sales. In the B2B industry, configurators are part of what is called CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote) to accelerate the request-to-quote process. 

Customization Software

A 3D configurator software is considered customization software. Customizations are at the heart of every product configurator software. The goal is to allow the user to configure a product in real-time in 3D by customizing colors, prints, text, images, textures, and more.

Visualization Software

A 3D configurator software is considered visualization software. Professional designers can convert 2D designs into a beautiful 3D rendering that they can spin in 360 real-time.

Collaboration Software

A 3D configurator software is considered collaboration software. Designers can generate a link of the design that they created, which they can share with customers for review.

NOT Design Software

A 3D configurator is not pure design software, rather it works together with other design software packages like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Blender, or AutoCad to create new design templates that can be imported into the system for customization.