Air conditioning tips for cost-effective cooling

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Choose Energy Star product

Choose an Energy Star AC to ensure the unit uses relatively less energy than other traditional units on the market. The type of air conditioner doesn't matter, as the central variable energy stars and windows offer the same cooling effect as their non-energy stars, but use less energy.

Feel free to replace inefficient AC modules with Energy Star products when the old module has expired. While Energy Star products tend to be a bit more expensive, over time the costs will be recouped through lower energy bills. Information on energy efficiency may vary from product to product!

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thermostat setting

Installing a programmable thermostat to control cooling levels is a clean way to reduce energy consumption as well as costs. It's okay to set the temperature in your home a few degrees lower than usual – the ideal setting of 78 degrees will keep the room cool comfortably without straining the cooling system. Any drastic temperature change tends to use up more energy.

However, lowering the temperature slightly below the outside temperature (usually 85 degrees) while you're away from home strains the air conditioner a bit, allowing it to cool quickly when needed.

ventilation, insulation, and glazing

A well-ventilated attic allows most of the heat absorbed by the roof to dissipate before it reaches the ceiling. Again, as cooler air tends to settle, it is important to ensure that any vents in the basement are sealed to prevent cold air from escaping outside. You should call an AC repair company for any of the services related to your ac.