Know About The Various Apple Laptop Accessories

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Apple, being popular for its top performance in laptop production, has provided a variety of accessories to provide convenience in using its laptop. Apple laptop accessories include the basics: laptop charger, laptop battery, keyboard, mouse, wi-fi base stations, and trackpad.


Apple offers two types of battery laptop charger: Apple 60 W Magsafe Power Adapter and Apple 85 Magsafe Power Adapter. The former is used to charge Macbooks and 13' Macbook Pro and the latter is used for 15' and 17' Macbook Pro. 

These chargers are designed to be perfect travel chargers. Nowadays there are a lot of wireless chargers that are available for Apple laptops. You can buy an Apple MagSafe wireless charger through various websites on the internet. 

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Apple's Macbook Pro family offers a breakthrough in battery manufacturing by introducing a laptop battery that can actually run up to ten hours in a single charge. It is the only battery around that can be charged up to 1000 times. Indeed, this is the solution given by Apple in order to address controversies regarding its batteries.


Apple offers the Magic Mouse where you can just click and scroll by simply touching anywhere in the mouse.

Wi-fi Base stations

It allows its owner to share wireless networks with up to ten users. These are, Airport express and Airport extreme. It offers super fast wireless access in any part of your home, office or school. It allows hard drive sharing among your peers.

These accessories were designed to complement the style that the laptop has. Each accessory is the top of the line product in its own right.