Bobby berk collection- Give a finishing look to the wall of your home

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The walls are not only dividers between your rooms and enclosures for your furniture. They are something more than this; you can turn your home decor by decorating the walls of your home. Moreover, selecting furniture, wall covering, and theme affects your mood and home appearance. For an energetic and calm look, go with the bobby berk collection, and it provides various kinds of wall covering to your home. You can turn your boring and ordinary home into an extraordinary one. They have come with ample patterns and designs.


Many people choose wallpaper for redecorating their homes because of attractiveness, ease of application, and variety. They offer smooth finishing with a long-lasting surface. You can also apply the wallpapers on the ceiling to add interesting effects to your place. In addition, it hides flaws and imperfections from the wall’s surface. The surface of the wallpaper is smooth, dry, and even. If your wall is previously papered, remove all the wallpaper from the wall. Furthermore, if the wall is enamelled with glossy paint, roughen it with the help of sandpaper before papering. Once you have done wallpapering, don’t throw away small pieces of paper which can use later to cover the outlet plates and switches.

Plastic wall coverings

Many types of wallpapers are extraordinarily resistant to household stains, such as greases and oils. You can use vinyl plastic wallpaper in your home; it doesn’t absorb any liquid and mark. You can easily remove a stain from the surface of the wallpaper with a wet cloth. It is ideal for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, you can apply it in moisture and humid rooms. They are made in simulated brick and stone, yard goods, and tiles. It helps to conceal your wall irregularities and defects. If your wall is previously oil painted, first wash it with the potash solution. In contrast, if the wall is unpainted, scrape it with the wire brush to remove loose particles. And wash them with strong detergent to remove the dirt and grease.

Fabric wall coverings

You can control the uneven ceiling lines, cracks in plaster, and spaces with the fabric wall covering. Wallpapers aid to plaster underneath to hold together. They are pre-trimmed and come in 24″ widths, and you only need to cut in the straight right length. Moreover, the straight edge makes the task easy and offers a perfectly complete look. In addition, fabric wall covering is also very easy to install on the walls like the other wallpapers.

Wall panels

Vertical boards such as redwood, knotty pine, and golden oak can surpass the effect of obtaining building materials. Whenever buying the lumber yard, don’t take board lower than No. 3. The reason is that standard lower boards have bad ends, loose knots, and cause waste, and they also warp badly. In addition, when you are choosing knotty pine, ensure that all knots are small. Don’t choose the board with the large knots sawed-off along their length.

Final thoughts

This article belongs to the various wall covering options for your home. You can buy the product from theĀ bobby berk collection. They consist of various types of wallpaper, wall panels, and plastic wallpaper discussed in the above content.