All About Candlepin Bowling Game in Carlisle

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The overall goal of the ten games of bowling is to drop as many pins as possible in as few strokes as possible. Bowling Candlepin is one of those options. It all started over 100 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sometime between 1885 and 1890, Justin White, Jack Monsieur, and Jack Sheaff created the sport known as candlepin bowling. 

Today there are similarities and many differences between the sport we know today, but the goal is the same to hit the pins. You can easily find bowling center near me via

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The original pins, however, 10 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter. The game's original designers spaced pins 11 inches apart in a familiar triangular pattern and tossed a bowling ball 50 feet away.

The original bowling ball weighed 2 pounds and measured 3 inches in diameter. Using a small bowling ball with such a large pin can be extremely difficult. 

The game's original design called for the fallen pins. There is some debate about whether this benefits players, but it is clear that it will not create consistency in the sport and will introduce a significant element of random luck. 

The new pin sizes are 5 inches long, 1 inch at each end, and 2 15/16 inches in the middle. This pin size is still the standard for all 10-pin bowling games today.