A Complete Guide On Nato Strap

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What is a NATO strap?

Let's get the essentials out first! NATO straps were created through the British Ministry of Defence shortly following World War 1 and offer some key advantages over the standard straps for watches.

The primary difference between standard straps' and NATO straps is that they're only one 'belt' made of nylon that threads behind the watch's face unlike a traditional strap, which usually consists of two distinct pieces. You can easily buy nato straps via straps.no/produktkategori/products/nato-straps.

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This design element adds security, which means that your watch will remain on your wrist even if the case in which one of the watch pins is out of the case. This is the reason why the "NATO strap" style is a popular "NATO strap" design is popular among divers, and even utilized for NASA astronauts.

NATO straps are made of ballistic nylon. This allows them to be comfortable, washable, and not tear or break (it's the same material that bulletproof vests were made from! ).

Because nylon is dyeable as it is dye-able, NATO straps quickly became an option for military personnel to display their regimental colors, and as a result, they became an accessory for fashion and were soon introduced to the public sphere.

At Watch Straps Australia we have 1.2mm thick – length 280mm nylon NATO straps (true to the original G10 NATO specification), and we also offer leather NATO straps that measure 1.4mm thick and 280mm in length.