Information about Baby Cranial Osteopathy Treatment

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The concept of cranial osteopathy is that the baby's head was submitted to extreme pressure and strength during his journey along the birth canal. This causes the head of the baby to form the mold and form to fit and in the days after the unsolicited birth occurs and the baby's head returns to a more normal form. You can choose the cranial osteopathy treatment for the better health of your baby.

However, for some babies with difficult, fast, traumatic, or instrumental births this may not be complete and produce a feeling of pressure on the head, irritation to the nerves that lead to the tongue or digestive tract, and a lot of discomfort for babies. For parents first or those who have never heard of baby treatment can be grouped as a fussy baby and there is no help sought.

After reading a lot about science and the process I started looking for an osteopath which specializes in babies in my area. I can only find two and order an appointment to bring my baby to him. At the appointment of our first meeting, he took a short medical history, asked about birth, and then asked me to put the baby on the check sofa.

He then gently felt his head and my untrained eyes didn't seem to do anything but holding his head in his hand! I was very surprised by the related questions that he immediately asked – did my baby prefer to feed on one side? – Yes! He will only feed on one side! Did my baby have a problem sticking to feeding on the days immediately after his birth?