Secrets to Choosing the Right Barcode Labels

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The selection of the correct barcode label is often overlooked. The best barcode labels will ensure that maximum productivity and efficiency can be achieved. 

These criteria will help you to choose the right barcode labels

1. Application. The application of your barcode label is crucial in choosing the right labels. To determine the right barcode label, you can check the effects of moisture and the temperature range.

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2. Durability. Barcode labels that are designed to be used for long periods need to be durable. The barcode labels must be printed and the verbiage.

3. Face Stock. It is essential to have the right face stock. The first step is to choose between thermal transfer and direct thermal. The next step is to decide if you will use paper labels, synthetic materials, vinyl, or plastic. These are determined by the specific requirements of your product.

4. Core and Roll Size. The size of the barcode printer that you use will determine how large a core will fit on your roll of labels and what the outside dimension (OD), of your labels, is. Core sizes are typically between 1/2" and 3", with the OD usually being 4", 5", or 8. Auto applications can be 12" and 16".

You also have other options for barcode media, including pre-printed labels and color-tinted labels. Asset tags, static cling tags, static data labels, hangtags, and asset tags are all options.

Many agencies provide different types of custom-made and durable barcode labels. From the above points, you can choose it according to your requirements.