All About New Construction Window

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Replacement windows are made to fit an existing opening, while construction windows are designed to be built along with the frame. Many Companies offer windows for homes and light commercial application services at an affordable price.

Even replacement windows can still be broken down. A sash kit replaces the movable parts of an old frame and the jamb liners to make repairs as minimal as possible. For easy movement, the liners secure the sash. This works only in a square, level frame that is in good condition. A sash replacement will not be beneficial for a window frame that is damaged.

new construction windows

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Insert replacements are a complete frame that fits in your existing opening. The ready-to-install frames reduce the size of your window by adding a frame and new jambs.

A full-frame replacement window comes with a complete frame, jambs, and sill. This option is the best and most comprehensive. It is also the best choice if your frame is broken or rotten. Because you have to first remove the opening from its original frame, this is the most difficult type of window to put in.

Each frame must be shimmed. Shimming not only places the frame within the window opening but also locks it in a level and plumb position. You must be careful not to damage the ductwork of your air conditioning equipment while you're working on the frame. Good air conditioning companies will work with every window contractor to ensure that their work does not clash.