Why Aluminum Foil Duct Board Is Good Option For Your Property

Posted on September 23, 2021Categories Business and ManagementTags ,

There are different types of duct boards available in the market. But aluminum foil duct board is popular and preferred by most people. The aluminum foil-duct board is made from a rigid foam base and is specially created to withstand temperature changes. 

This product is known for its comfort and consistency. However, the unit's performance is dependent on its duct system. It must be correctly planned and installed to ensure that it works efficiently.

These rigid foam boards are also known as polyurethane insulation panels. They have aluminum foil backings on both sides. Available in panels measuring between 1.5 and 4 inches thick. These panels are 90% lighter than conventional metal ductworks. You can visit over here to buy an ideal duct board for your property.

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Polyurethane padding panels can be used to insulate floors, ceilings, and walls. They can also be used to insulate metal ductwork. This material has an overall insulation value between R-7.1 to R-8.7/inch, making it one of the most efficient materials on the market. R-value is the measure of a material’s resistance to heat loss.

Insulating aluminum ductwork materials is essential to improve their efficiency. To prevent condensation buildup, a vapor-barrier may be required. Rigid foam boards are not only the base structure of your ductwork system but also act as base insulation and vapor barrier material.