3 Proven Methods to Eliminate Bed Bugs

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The toughest part of fighting these bugs is coming into acceptance that you've got them. It's not easy, but it's awful! When you've figured out the reason that you or your loved one's members are getting itchy, finding out how to get rid of bed bugs is easy. 

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Bedbugs: Symptoms, treatment, and removal

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There are three steps you can do to rid yourself of the tiny bugs and stop their return.

Step 1. Clean Your Bedroom Thoroughly

As the title suggests. This is the process of vacuuming all surfaces that you can think of, including your carpet, your bed and furniture, curtains, and anything else that is covered in fabric. The insects love fabric. 

While you're cleaning, be alert for red streaks. These could be bleeding spots, urine, or corpses of the bugs. Make sure that you protect your mattress by using a hypoallergenic mattress cover.

Step 2. Bug Sprays

There are a variety of insecticides that instantly kill upon contact, and many contain residual effects. Pesticides that have Deltamethrin or Hydropene are fantastic because they're safe for humans and pets. However, if you've got pets, you should be cautious. The chemicals can harm them.

Step 3: Avoid further Infestation

The final step is to hinder their ability to reproduce. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by using pesticides for bedding. While sprays kill bugs you see immediately, powders can be used as contact killers. That means, when an insect comes into contact with the powder it will cut them, even when they're in hiding.