All About A Cell Staining Kit

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Organelles are cellular constituents that are organized in membrane-bound and not-membrane-bound compartments. These complex structurally-related compartments perform specific biological functions that are determined by the unique enzymes/proteins they have. These proteins are useful in studying the function and morphology of cells and organelles.

It is essential to understand the subcellular location of the protein of concern and how it plays in various cellular mechanisms and functions by spatial-temporal mapping. You can also buy cell staining kits online. Co-localization of antibodies that target specific proteins within an organelle, organelle marker is one approach to imaging-based techniques.

This allows for precise identification of the function and spatial distribution of the protein of concern within the cell. Co-localization studies that use antibodies to show relationships between proteins can be used to visualize multiple organelles simultaneously.

Organelle marker antibodies from different species or isotypes can also be used for this purpose. These markers are essential tools in Western blot assays that confirm organelle-specific fractionation. You can co-stain with organelle-specific antibodies for cellular movement and position monitoring, thanks to the wide range of fluorescent colors that are available for organelle stains.

For simultaneous fluorescence staining both live and dead cells, cell staining kit can be used. This kit includes calcein-AM (calcein-AM) and propidium Iodide(PI) solutions that stain both viable and dead cells. Calcein-AM is an acetoxymethyl ester to calcein that is extremely lipophilic and cell membrane permeable.