Information About Filipino Music

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The Philippines is famous for local musicians and vocalists. Music has been a major part of life for many Filipinos. Original Pilipino Music (OPM) is a term that refers to the songs written that are performed and recorded by native Filipino performers during the '70s. Many think that the popular music industry has sunk; however, the OPM scene isn't dead. It's alive and is growing and developing. 

Legendary OPM musicians continue to create their mark and a variety of emerging local artists are taking pride in our Philippine culture. Music festivals and concerts featuring local musicians have become more well-known and are enjoyed by a large number of Filipinos. You can read more about Filipinos music, entertainment, and events through

With regards to quality and content, along with the exploration of diverse genres of music styles and the significance and importance of the songs written by all artists, OPM is really on the growth path and is very active throughout the Philippines. This article will explore the reasons behind why OPM isn't dead and which local artists you should not overlook.

Additionally, with regards to music festivals, concerts, and live shows, lots of Filipinos particularly the younger youngsters are actively involved in these activities. Earth Day Jam, the longest-running event for music to mark the celebration of the international Earth day, happened.

However, the love and affection from Filipinos to the OPM through attending live performances is an important step towards the growth of local musicians. Music events do not just showcase the music industry and its artists but also help spread awareness and raise awareness among the fans.