About Mini Split Heat Pumps

Posted on September 27, 2021Categories Home and GardenTags ,

Mini-split heat pumps can be an efficient and cost-effective way to heat or cool your home. They are often ductless, which means they save a lot on heating bills and energy. When referring to the mini-split heat pump, the term "mini" is used to describe the way the unit is set up. 

There is a part of it outside and an air vent inside to circulate the coolant or heating around the room. You are making a difference in the environment and comfort levels by installing one. You can also find more information about mini-split heat pumps and how they are beneficial for you. 

Your contractor will often measure and present you with different vent options based on their BTU per hour. This is a measurement that determines how cold the air is. Standard ranch homes require approximately 1 to 2 units, while larger homes will need more units. 

This is safer and more efficient than ceiling heat, pellet stoves, or air conditioners. Many electric companies offer rebates or offer to help you install a heat pump in the home. This will depend on whether your existing units are eligible for the new unit. You have many options for how the unit can fit into your home. 

It can be mounted on a drop ceiling or suspended from a ceiling. The unit is made to meet the requirements of your home. These heat pumps can be very stylish and measure approximately 7 inches in depth. They will easily blend into your home. A mini-split heat pump system will save you money and be very efficient for you and your family.