Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

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With the growing popularity of teas with high levels, there's been plenty of debate about high tea and afternoon tea. What are the differences in any case? 

After exhaustive research, there seems to be an agreement that there are distinct differences between afternoon tea and high tea. For starters "afternoon tea" is exactly what it sounds like: tea that is offered in the afternoon. True afternoon teas usually include small portions of pastries, scones, and tiny sandwiches, as well as a small menu. You can explore more about afternoon tea & graze boards at Fine Diner Store.


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However, "high tea" is served at the beginning of the evening and generally will include more food. For the majority of people, high tea could replace dinner. In general, the menu will include sandwiches, cold meats and cakes, tarts, and so on. All of them are served as finger food or in smaller portions. There are no foot-long sub sandwiches during high tea!

It is easy to plan the perfect "tea party" for your loved ones or friends and choose a name that is appealing to you. Decide on the time of the tea party according to your timetable. When it comes to the food is concerned, remember that the main attraction of the event will be the tea. Pick a top tea, serve it in an elegant teapot, and then relax in the company of your best people.