How Indoor Plants Reduce Indoor Noise Levels?

Posted on April 3, 2022Categories Home and GardenTags , , ,

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Living near a busy street is always a painful experience inside our homes. With street vendors, constant honks by bikes and cars, it is always difficult to live in such places. In order to experience something peaceful, insulation is a great option. The biggest drawback of insulation is the price as it is on the expensive side. Another alternative to this problem is to keep indoor plants. Indoor plants are great in terms of absorbing sound along with improving the air quality indoors. If you’re wondering how indoor plants reduce indoor noise levels, here are a few pointers.

  1. Keep more Plants – Although indoor plants are capable of absorbing sound, a single plant isn’t enough to give you the end result. Ensure you keep more plants in order to give you that result you’re looking for.
  2. Use Planters that are Bigger in Size – Planters are known to act as a source of the screen for indoor plants. This equipment also helps you to keep enough plants to give you that sound-absorbing effect.
  3. Place the Plants Carefully – Even if you place good numbers of plants, placement is equally important. Keeping the plants in the wrong position will have less impact when it comes to absorbing sound. A great tip is to avoid keeping in the center. Instead, of placing the plants in the center, try placing them in the corners. This is a great way to absorb more sound offering that peaceful experience while staying indoors. 

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