Learn How Big is an Indoor Soccer Field and Different Pitch Field

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How big is an indoor soccer field? Football pitches are an integral component of the sport. It is only not a pitch be the difference between winning & losing or enjoyment & frustration. Still, it can also even be the difference between playing and not playing, conditional on where you sit within the football pyramid.

A pitch’s size varies depending on the format of football you play, as not all football pitches are the same size. That is why it is essential to know the dimensions of a football pitch doesn’t matter your role at a club – whether you’re a player, coach, groundsman, or chairman.

  • Required Size of a 5-A-Side Football Pitch

The size of a 5-a-side football pitch, generally on The FA’s recommendation, is 40 yards or 36.5m long with a width of 30 yards (27.5m). These measurements make sure its rectangular shape remains intact, with a helpful way of remembering that the length should exceed the breadth at a ratio of 2:1. One of the essential features of a 5-a-side football pitch is its curved penalty areas. These are variants from the more traditional 18-yard boxes found on 11-a-side pitches.

  • Required Size of a 7-A-Side Football Pitch

According to The FA recommendations, a 7-a-side football pitch size is 60 yards (54.86m) long by 40 yards (36.5m) wide. Unlike with 5-a-side games, pitches with seven teams have rectangular penalty areas, measuring 18 yards (16.5m) wide and 10 yards (9m) from the goal line.

The penalty arcs, or “D’s” as they’re mostly referred to as being, are also a marking at this level. If used- the arcs are positioned at the edge of the penalty area, with the curve facing away from the goal.

  • Required Size of a 9-A-Side Football Pitch

Size of a 9-a-side football pitch is about 80 yards,73.1m long by 50 yards, 45.72m wide. These dimensions are given by The FA and are used by U-11 and U-12 teams.

For this pitch size, the center circle must have a radius of 7 yards (6.4m) with the center mark in the middle of the field. The penalty spot should be 8.2m from the line of goal on both sides of the pitch.

  • Required Size of an 11-A-Side Football Pitch

Size of the 11-a-side football pitch is not a direct answer. Measurements can vary considerably – more so than any other type of football pitch, depending on a range of various factors.

According to FA regulations, the measurement must fall between 100-130 yards (90-120m) long and 50-100 yards (45-90m) wide. This provides users the flexibility to choose a specific size that suits them, which is more commonly the case in the professional tiers of the game. The penalty area should measure  (16.45m) away from the center of the goal line, while the penalty spot should be 12 yards (10.9m) from the goal, regardless of the overall pitch size.

These are some different football pitches, and hopefully, it’s clear from here how big is an indoor soccer field. Size 5 footballs are the standard-sized match football used across the game at both amateur and professional levels of the game from 14 and upwards.