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Education is moving towards going green and replacing traditional textbooks with iPads. Many educational Institutes of Higher Learning around the globe are changing the way students learn through the introduction of iPads to the classroom. This is transforming the environment and making a difference in the lives of the students.

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Scotland schools to give out 39,000 Apple iPads to students - Gizmochina

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Although laptop and desktop computers were used in schools for many years, they didn't have the same impact on students as the iPad pilot programs that are popping up all over the country.

iPad pilot programs place an iPad in each student's hands and teachers in their classrooms. This makes education more interactive and less reliant on technology.

The iPad pilot program teaches students more than just the basics of computer use. It also teaches programming skills and can be used to teach communication and marketing.

Students with Autism and students with special needs have been taught using iPads.

Environmental Impact

iPads can be used in classrooms for more than just increasing digital literacy and student interest in education. iPads can be used by students to complete homework, take notes, study, and submit assignments. Teachers can also track student progress and give assignments. This allows for a more personalized learning experience. The school's carbon footprint is reduced by using technology in the classroom.

Apple also did a life cycle analysis to identify the environmental impact of its operations. This was done in order to find out where their greenhouse gas emissions came from.