Must-have essentials you should contain in your leather shoulder bag women’s

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Forget about the diamonds. The shoulder bags for women are the new best friend for the ladies. It is stuck onto your side, and you can accompany it to wherever you go as it can hold half of the things that you are using in your daily lives. There are a few things like the wallets and keys that make the obvious choice as there are various other things and essentials to go with the leather should bag for women’s.




Hand Sanitizer

It has been touched by hundreds of others as you head out to the grocery store. Sometimes you sneeze in your hands, and sometimes you have to shake the hands of the person you encounter, and this is when you would wish to reach into the bag to get the hand sanitizer.


Hair Pins and other Accessories

You can easily have a few hair bands and pins stocked up in your bag. These are quite handy, for example, when you feel as it is way too hot and you just wish to pull your hair back. Make use of the hair accessories to hold them in place neatly.


Notebook and a Pen

Everyone might be having the note app on their phones; however, not all are in the habit of using them. It has not even become the main purpose of the small notebook along with the pen. For instance, what would you do when you need to write down a few things for a stranger or in case of an emergency when the battery of your phone dies? It is also a good opportunity to help you customize one of the few things that you contain in your bag that determines your taste.


A Lipstick That Goes With Almost Everything

You will be turning your bag without the need to think twice during an emergency. There would be nothing wrong with being the seeker for attention who can help make their heads turn. It is extremely important that you store one lipstick that would stay in your shoulder bag to keep yourself from being disappointed each time.


The Go-to Perfume

Without packing a travel-size perfume for yourself, you should never be leaving the house. As a matter of fact, allow it to be in your shoulder bag.


Compact with Mirror

It would fulfill two major purposes. The first is that you are able to freshen up your face as each time it would appear like you can get done with just a touch-up. You need not just hate it when you feel as if there is something in your eye, but you are not able to see it as you need to have a mirror to check out. There are ladies who have to be on their feet at all times at work, and this should be on top of their list.


Breath Mint

Right after you have your lunch, the breath mint, and mint gum come in quite handy.