An Introduction to Metal Casting

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This metal casting introduction provides a brief description and history of the casting process, as well as an outline of the general casting currently used. The goal of this article is to give new manufacturers a better understanding of how metal casting works and what steps are involved in producing cast products. 

At the end of the article, the reader must have a clear picture of the opportunities presented by metal casting, and a good appreciation for their potential as a modern manufacturing method. 

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What is Metalcasting?

The word metal casting refers to the process of forming a product or part from molten metal, using any type of mold to govern its final shape. A metal casting, on the other hand, is a product or part resulting from the metal casting process. Most of what we know today about the origin of metal casting is based on archaeological findings. Fortunately, casting resilience means that many casting artifacts have survived for thousands of years.

Metal casting processes represent some of the most common and most versatile techniques in the casting facility's arsenal. Some methods date back thousands of years while others are less than a century old, and each of these processes is the ideal casting method for certain types of products.