Know About The Multiple Option Of Using Multipro Tailgate

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The MultiPro tailgate consists of two tailgates in one. The MultiPro design consists of the main gate – which can be opened like a conventional tailgate – and a smaller inner gate that connects to the main gate plate itself. You can also look for the best GMC multipro tailgate fix services through various online sources.

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By raising and dropping these two tailgate panels in various combinations, the MultiPro can perform many different functions, from bed extension to step entry and many in between.

MultiPro is primarily designed to be a powerful, durable, and useful tool. As a result, GMC engineers focused not only on designing the tailgate the way a pickup owner wanted it to maximize its functionality and comfort but also on making it sturdy and reliable, no matter how it was used.

Primary gate

The MultiPro can be opened and closed like any traditional tailgate. With the push of a button to unlock the tailgate itself, a dash button, or a remote control button, the MultiPro drops and opens like a regular tailgate. 

The MultiPro is equipped with torsion springs and shock absorbers, which allow the tailgate to be lifted and lowered smoothly.

Primary gate load stop

If you're pulling on a longer object – like a sheet of plywood or maybe a paddleboard or two – the MultiPro's load stop function helps keep things safe from sliding out of the box. 

The inner panel on the inner door can be opened and folded, creating a vertical barrier for longer elements.