Non-Profit Financial Systems – Lessons Learned and Best Practices

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In many ways, non-profit finance and accounting are more complicated than for-profit accounting. Grants, limited funds, and in-kind donations all add to the complexity of accounting. You can also get the best nonprofit virtual bookkeeping business service through various online sources.

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Non-profits have their own GAAP requirements, which differ depending on whether you're a government or private nonprofit.

As a result, most nonprofits lack the financial resources to employ an accounting staff. They frequently try to hire a more senior accountant, but this individual is forced to undertake bookkeeping as well.

The high-powered accountant is frustrated all day recording receipts, but the non-profit just does not have the resources to hire a bookkeeper as well. Alternatively, a non-profit may hire a bookkeeper who is excellent at collecting donations but is unqualified to understand the subtleties and intricacies of non-profit accounting.

As a result of all of this, the following has emerged: According to recent research by the National Center for Charitable Statistics, more than half of nonprofits do not implement GAAP correctly. Only 16 percent adhere to IRS regulations. What can a small- to medium-sized non-profit do to better its situation? There are several options.

1) Many training companies specialize in non-profit capacity building. They try to instill all of these unique rules in non-profits. These are fantastic, however, most people join non-profits for the cause, not to help with administration.

Furthermore, most people working in non-profits are busy and simply have too many tasks to complete to devote time to learning a new skill set.

2) Engage the services of a freelance bookkeeper. Bookkeepers who work as freelancers are inexpensive. However, they have a high rate of turnover.

Finding a dependable freelance bookkeeper with experience in non-profit accounting might be tough. In addition, many bookkeepers wear numerous hats, such as secretary, office administrator, and/or development director's assistant.