A Halloween Ad Analysis: Pepsi’s Coca-Cola Advertising

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Pepsi’s Coca-Cola advertising has been a hot topic on social media this Halloween season. The commercials have been divisive, with some praising the brand for being daring and innovative, and others calling them cheesy and pandering. In this blog post, we will analyze the ads and discuss what they are trying to communicate. If you want to find more information regarding Pepsi and Coca Cola Halloween advertising, you may visit online sites.

Pepsi Ad by Pepsi

In Pepsi's recent Coke ad, the two share a dialogue about their Halloween costumes. Coca-Cola is dismayed that Pepsi is dressing as a "pear flavored soda" and insists that they should be dressing as "real witches and wizards." 

Pepsi counters that they are going as "two monsters," to which Coca-Cola retorts, "Well, I'm a ghost!" The ad culminates with the two agreeing to dress as each other's favorite characters.

The dialogue in the ad is clever, and it created a good sense of comradery between the characters. It also highlighted some of the differences between Coke and Pepsi, which was relevant to the product being advertised. Overall, the ad was well executed.

Pepsi's Coca-Cola advertising has been a popular topic on social media over the past few weeks. The ads, which were released earlier this month, show two people – one dressed as a traditional African American icon, and the other in drag – sharing a Coke together. 

Some have criticized the ads for being racist, while others say that they are simply poking fun at stereotypes. In any case, Pepsi's decision to release these ads during Halloween is sure to generate some discussion.