Log Caulking Basics By Caulking Contractors in Melbourne For Your Cabin

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It can be difficult to see how your log cabin will look when it is being loaded onto a truck. Log caulking is perhaps the most important part of building log cabins. It is the final step that transforms a pile of logs into something you can be proud to call home. Let's take a closer view at log caulking and learn how it works.

Your log home builder will ensure that the caulking products they use are made for log cabin homes. The same caulk used around windows in a regular house isn’t suitable for log cabin homes. You can also hire #1 caulking contractor in Melbourne who will make sure your logs and any other connecting parts are ready for use before applying caulk. 

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Your builder may use a log caulk that is less effective if there are any imperfections or dirt on the wood. Backer rods will likely be used by your builder to create a seal that will protect your home from energy loss and cold. The log caulking will have two points to attach to the joint being caulked by using a backer rod.

Before you decide to re-caulk your log cabin yourself, here are some things you should consider. It is best to have a professional estimate on the amount of work required, even if your plan is to do it yourself. You should also ensure that the logs you plan to re-caulk are dry and clean. 

Make sure the log caulking that you purchase is compatible with the logs in your home. It is not worth spending a lot of money on log caulking, only to discover later that you have purchased the wrong type.