Constructing Artificial Grass on Perfect Soccer Court Dimensions

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In specific the robustness of artificial grass pitches, there are sound reasons for its growing demand. They do not need a recovery period in between the matches, and they are ready or use in almost any weather conditions. Especially in cities with limited spaces when there is often only one pitch shared between several teams, this is an asset that pays off.

To make sure of a long lifespan, the robustness of the soccer court dimensions also helps. The average service life of artificial turf is approximately 2,000 hours of play a year, whereas natural turf loses its optimum playing characteristics after only 400 to 800 hours of play, as a matter of fact.

Low maintenance is also offered by artificial grass pitches. There is no need for time-consuming mowing, ventilation, or lawn fertilization, although the surface should be cleaned on a regular basis. There is no need for irrigation that has proved to be a great advantage, especially during the hot summer months is the additional help here.

Across all levels of play, modern artificial turf pitches have become a real club attraction. For the increases in football club membership numbers, they enthuse the club members and players. To make sure of the training continuity during the wet weather, artificial grass pitches can also help.

Selecting the right pitch

In the market, you are sure to find several artificial grass systems. The important question has to be the kind of artificial turf that is suitable for your club is the one you should explore. It is important to understand the artificial turf composition and the existing artificial turf variants to answer this question. There are three main components within the third-generation or 3G modern synthetic turf system.

  • they are made out of compact layer, elastic or base layer with sport-functional properties,
  • an artificial grass surface and
  • an infill.