Ways of Selecting the Best Urban Soccer Ball

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The newbie soccer enthusiasts always tend to make the common mistake of selecting the cheapest option when they need to find a soccer ball. The game of soccer is loved by several of us. To the players as well as the spectators, the excitement associated with this game provides complete amusement. For this game, there is no dearth of fans. The game of soccer is loved by people of all ages, including men, women, and kids, with the help of an urban soccer ball.

For the teams and clubs, ball manufacturer companies are offering their collection in official sizes. To maintain international standards in their products, they are manufacturing their products as per the predefined norms.

There are many other important factors to consider as you look for a good ball aside from the price tag. Read on to this article and learn a few tips you should keep in mind next time you visit your nearby sports shop if you are not familiar with how this works.


It becomes a necessity in getting the right size. There are different sizes for different age groups, as novice soccer players may not be aware of this. For the younger gamers, size 3, for instance, is recommended. Size 4 balls are for pre-teen players, while size 5 is perfect for teens and adults on the other hand.


The other significant aspect here is the weight. Lighter balls are always better than heavier ones, which is what you need to take note of. Hard balls can hurt your feet or head during the game. The softer balls are typically quite bouncy, so you need not go for it. You need to select the one that comes in between.

Indoor or Outdoor

The location where your games are usually held in the other considerations that you should keep in mind. For indoor and outdoor use, there are soccer balls that are specifically made. It will be a wise idea to buy a ball for both of these settings if you are practicing indoors and playing games outdoors. It is a guarantee that you will have a great game, which is what you need to make sure of.


Since they are sturdy and affordable, rubber soccer balls are often the sensible picks. In the bigger leagues, they are, however, not the type of ball that is used by professional players. PVC, leather, and polyurethane are the other materials that you can select from.


The cheaper soccer balls have butyl bladders, and this is the main reason why these balls are not very responsive most of the time. It is the reason why you should go with these balls, as latex bladders perform better on the soccer field.

Number of Panels

The panel number in soccer balls determines how fast they move and how much they are controlling is something that you might not know of. You will likely notice that those used for the indoor games may have only 6 panels, although some of the balls have as many as 32 panels. The majority of professional leagues prefer 18-paneled balls these days.