Tips to Stop Your E-cig Coil From Burning

Posted on May 6, 2022Categories Business and ManagementTags , ,

A burnt coil can produce unwanted and harmful chemicals and may cause damage to your inner body system. In this case, you need to change it and buy another one. So, what is the affordable solution for it? 

Reduce Your Power Setting:

You can vaporize a good amount of juice with each and every puff if you vape at a higher wattage. And with this, you can create big clouds of smoke and it also creates an impact on your coils.

So, set power at normal range, so you can't get your coil burnt. If you notice that flavor is drying out, it needs to be soaked up in the juice. You can also buy cheap vype pods online.

So, decreasing the power is a simple yet effective solution. If you want to replace your coil and you are at the International mall then you can find Smoke Shop Near International Mall and the best thing is that you can find it too.

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