The Best Shampoo Base For Hair Loss

Are you looking for the best hair loss shampoo but confused between different mechanisms, chemistry, and different shampoo brands? Or maybe you are debating whether a hair loss shampoo is the right way to go because there are other treatments including internal medicine and even more drastic measures like implants.

The focus of this article is on hair loss treatment shampoos, which can be a great way to start taking care of your hair. Thinning is recognized at an early stage before more severe interventions such as surgery are needed. You can purchase the best shampoo base at


The most well-known shampoo for hair loss (well, not a shampoo but a topical treatment) is the chemical Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine. Even though it's not a shampoo, it can simply be sprayed onto the head once or twice a day and is, therefore, a non-invasive solution. Interestingly, minoxidil was originally developed many years ago as a drug to lower blood pressure, but an interesting side effect was discovered: it regrows hair.

While this product is great for regrowing hair on the top of your head (as long as it's not completely gone), it's not very effective on receding hairlines. Also disturbing about this product is the fact that it requires twice daily (or even more frequent) use for optimal effects. Since these are actually blood pressure medications and some are absorbed through the scalp and into the bloodstream, there is a risk of certain side effects, especially cardiovascular.


Another potentially best hair loss shampoo is the Retin-A based, a product that was originally developed to treat certain skin conditions but also aids hair regrowth. It is usually used in combination with minoxidil because it can increase the absorption of minoxidil deep into the hair follicles, thereby enhancing its effect.

Retin-A is also known to affect sebum, which researchers say may be an important factor in premature baldness. What is fat? It is a natural oily substance produced by the body that helps the skin retain moisture.