Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, sadness, or sometimes social phobia, is a strong fear of social situations and society, such as eating in a restaurant, shopping, and standing in line in the store, or talking to someone you don’t know. Social phobia can also mean a fear of blushing, fainting, or being watched and audited. Often this fear is not rational and excessive, but sometimes there is a real physical problem behind them.

Social phobia often leads to a behavior characterized by avoidance, making everyday life difficult to handle. The anxiety can vary in intensity. Some people with the disorder are able to live a fairly normal life, while others completely avoid going even going outside their home.

Social sufferers: There is help

Medicine, Psychiatric drugs

Anti-depressant medication (SSRIs) such as Lexapro, has been shown to be quite effective in treating social phobia, through a dampening in anxious and panicky emotions. Anti-anxiety medication, such Sobril and Xanax, are effective against the anxiety itself, but has no proven positive effect on SAD in the long run.

Self Help

There are many good self-help programs for social phobia. Some are on the internet, and these you often have to pay for. My advice is to avoid these and save your money, you should instead use the self-help programs of equivalence that are free, there are good ones out there. The most effective type of self-help is exposure to social interactions that create anxiety, with a gradual challenging of social fears and through exposure to what is unpleasant.