Using Heat Treatment To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a remarkably difficult pest to eliminate because they are adept to hide in small crevices and cracks. Additionally, the modern population of bed bugs is extremely resistant to insecticides they are able to use for their control. Since bed bugs are hard to find, and because our insecticides don't work as effectively as we'd like, homeowners and pest control professionals have been looking for innovative methods of killing bed bugs within structures. 

Heat is recognized as an extremely efficient pesticide and is used in a variety of different ways to combat infestations. For instance, heat therapy is utilized to kill bed bugs in carpets, behind baseboards as well as on furniture that is upholstered. Dryers that are hot and portable chambers are able to kill bed bugs on home items that have been infested by bed bugs. 

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Larger heat chambers are able for treating furniture, while professional heating systems are able for treating entire areas as well as structures. The use of heat treatment can offer certain benefits in the field of control of bed bugs. It is not toxic and will kill all life stages, including eggs of bed bugs. Lack of residual activity means bed bugs are able to re-infest following treatment. 

But, treatment with heat is one of the most efficient tools we have in fighting bed bugs. This article serves as a brief introduction to the different types of treatments that are available. Remember that even though the entire room heating system is offered as stand-alone treatments, many heating treatments must be utilized in conjunction with other non-chemical or chemical methods for controlling the infestation.