What is a Pre Purchase Inspection?

A pre purchase inspection is a safety check of a potential property before it is purchased. This can help to ensure that the property is in good condition and meets the buyer's expectations.

The Facility of pre purchase inspection in Dubai was launched in November 2018 as part of the Dubai Plan 2021 development initiative. It is designed to provide buyers with greater protection by ensuring that properties are safe and meet all required standards.

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The facility is open to both private and institutional buyers, and will provide a range of services including inspections of water supplies, gas pipelines, electrical wiring and roofs. It will also have an onsite structural engineering team, who can provide recommendations and advice as well as check the property's safety.

Dubai Plan 2021 aims to attract more foreign investment in Dubai including increasing the number of international companies based in Dubai by introducing incentives for new companies to operate in the city. The Government is also investing AED 1.6 billion (US$ 410 million) in the construction of a dual-purpose business district filled with office space which is designed to support a diverse range of industries, from tech and media to creative industries and healthcare.

The government has also launched numerous initiatives aimed at attracting foreign investors, including a number of tax incentives for foreign businesses.