What Is An IP Camera & What Are Its Advantages?

Among the latest technologies in video surveillance, the IP camera is a device that offers many advantages for both individuals and professionals.

What is an IP camera?

The IP camera is a video surveillance camera using Internet protocol technology to allow viewing of images from anywhere, as soon as you have an internet connection.

The IP camera can be connected by two means: the ADSL network or Wi-Fi. The images recorded by the IP camera are saved inside the device and thanks to the camera's connection system to the Internet, you can easily transfer these images to the cloud or your personal or desktop computer. Thus, you can view the images in real-time from any Internet connection or save the images to view them later. To find the best IP camera, you can check out reviews of best home security camera system by consumer reports, which cover all the popular products currently available on the market.

What are the advantages of an IP camera?

The IP camera has many advantages over a conventional CCTV camera.

First of all, it represents a huge improvement over older analog cameras. Indeed, these could also be connected to the Internet but, unlike IP cameras, they could only be connected to a single computer station itself connected to the Internet. The user was then forced to connect to this computer to view the images filmed by the CCTV camera. On the other hand, the IP camera connects directly to your Internet box, which means that you can access the images from any device connected to your Internet network, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, your personal computer, or even your desktop computer.

The IP camera is also much more economical than an analog camera, if only in terms of cabling and installation costs.

Also, IP cameras make it possible to display in real-time the images that are filmed. This is a major advantage because it means that you can intervene very quickly in the event of a problem. You can also use this system to monitor delivery, for example, or keep an eye on your pet.

Finally, IP cameras also offer the advantage of providing high-definition visual recording. Thus, your images will be readable in the smallest detail, which can be very useful if you are looking to stop a burglar or a robber.